Are You Obese or Overweight? Do something about it!

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Yes, you can do something about this weight problem!

The best approach completely depends on your individual personality. If you are a social person who can benefit from the support of others, do some research on the many programs available.

USNews will give you a starting point for that research. If all of these are outside of your budget at a cost of less than $50 per month to hundreds of dollars monthly, there are some lower-end options that will still allow for social interactions and sharing, you could join the TOPS club or a similar program.

You will notice that those listed so far will provide social interaction and support. Where should you turn if you have an introverted personality? That, also, can be determined by your budgetary constraints. I am an introvert who has purchased a Fitbit Blaze for $200 and use it to monitor my exercise, heart rate, caloric intake and other vital statistics. You can find this exact model for as low as $179 on Amazon or around $120 on Ebay.

Still beyond your budget? Other Fitbit models come with fewer features, although they still provide tremendous help with your weight loss goal starting at $60 or so for the Flex and around $130 for the Charge. Take a look at the different models and decide for yourself.

When you decide to commit to weight loss and have decided on the best approach for your individual personality and preferences, it will probably include an app to assist in your weight loss adventure. The Fitbit app and available features can be reviewed at their web site. Weight Watchers has an app as does TOPS Club. You could even take on a fitness/weight loss challenge using only your smart phone. Check out the variety of apps available, such as Google Fit, MyFitnessPal and others. As a matter of fact, you will notice that most of these apps will provide an avenue for challenges with groups and individuals worldwide, along with pictures of the scenery that you can see when hiking those trails.

The biggest thing to remember is that improving your health requires a commitment. No, it does not necessarily require a commitment to one specific program, although that can help tremendously. The requirement is a commitment to yourself! It is a commitment to providing the longest lifetime possible to enjoy your family and friends.

My story: I initially purchased a Pebble watch and did well with it for tracking my steps and using it as an excellent tool to improve health and assist in weight loss. After a year, and Pebble’s demise, I purchased the Fitbit Blaze that I have now. My starting weight was around 215. About 15 months later, I weigh in at 182 with a goal of 175 or so. With this extra weight taken off, my snoring has decreased while energy level has increased. Stamina has increased across many activities, from sexual to exercise to work abilities.

The best part about my story is that I am not “smarter than the average bear.” I have adopted a committed mindset which assists in everything from my weight loss, health maintenance and many other areas of life. This mindset is not unique to an introverted or extroverted personality. Anyone, at any age, can do this.

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