Residential Display of US Flag, It Can Honor or Dishonor America and Our Service Members

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I am an American, and I display our flag proudly. The display of the US flag should be a source of pride for every American citizen.

We have all seen flag poles that were placed in the yard as nothing more than a decoration, These will generally have a flag that is faded, tattered or even worn down to mere rags. I don’t understand how someone could put $100 to $300 into a flag pole and allow the appearance of what may be the only reminder of home for our soldiers to get so run down.

Only $100? Yes, this flag pole cost only $100 with free shipping in June of 2013. It was installed and ready for the flag to be displayed on our independence day, July 4. Even with the light, installation and additional decorations, the cost was slightly over $200. That is a meager expense to be able to proudly fly our Americanflag.

The flag shown in these pictures has flown for the past 15 months and is still in good shape, even compared to those displayed on some of our local NC government buildings. Although it is not extremely faded and not even starting to fray, it is time to replace it on 9/11, a day of infamy in America comparable to Pearl Harbor and other acts of war. Americans grieved during these times and moved on with their lives. To continue in fear and alter our lives because of that fear lets the attackers win, whether the attacker is a school yard bully or an international terrorist organization. We are Americans and we will survive with God as our support.

Meanwhile, back to the main purpose of this blog – American pride or dishonor. Flags displayed properly honor America and all of those who proudly serve our country. On the flip side of that coin, improper display and treatment of our flag dishonors America. You may have served in one of our wars – World War II, Vietnam, Iraq, Kuwait, etc. In a foreign land, the US Flag may have very well been your only reminder of home. They don’t talk like us, they don’t look like us, some of them don’t even like us, but we still have our AmericanFlag.

A replacement flag costs around $20, including shipping. If someone can afford to put up a flag pole, that person can certainly afford to keep the flag displayed as a source of American pride. Since we are on proper display, how about lighting? The American flag, if displayed at night, shall be properly illuminated. That funny, ufo looking thing at the top of my flagpole – that is the light. Just like we have seen tattered flags flying, I am sure that we have also seen flags flying at night with no light on them.

There is a residence close to my home. There are at least three American flags on display there. None of these have a light on them, although they are left out every evening. A couple of houses down, there is a home with a single flag proudly displayed and illuminated at night. It is a much better display, to me, to have one flagproperly, and respectfully, treated than multiple flags that do not receive the respect deserved from every American citizen.

While we are at it, let’s discuss the proper display of the American Flag – field of blue and stars at the top or to the left if draped on a pulpit. It is to be freely hanging and nothing is to be placed on it. This precludes the wearing of a flag as a shirt, which you may remember from a not too distant Superbowl halftime show. This also, to me at least, precludes any garden flag or other setup that may have religious symbols placed on a folded flag for photographic effect. You may have also seen a flag tied to a fence – this is being quite disrespectful, in my opinion.

The best collection of flag etiquette that I have found is at Did you know that the flag should be displayed at half staff until noon on Memorial day? Americans, if you choose to fly a flag, please do so properly.

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