Working in the Margins of Life

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I often recall lessons learned from “Productivity for Writers” and it is definitely helpful in scheduling the “open” times of life. This approach thoroughly depends on your own personality, though. You will see suggestions about using your phone or tablet to write during a ten minute elevator ride, with a “write everywhere” concept. Applying this approach to your life, and extending it beyond writing, gives an effect of “working in the margins of life.”

You will read other books focusing on interactions and promotion. These will tell you that an elevator ride is the best opportunity to practice your one-minute “elevator pitch.” Strike up a conversation with someone else who happens to be trapped in this metal box with you. Be sure to listen intently, learn all you can, and squeeze in a little promotional time of your own.

You can take the first concept a bit further and use that to promote your own material through social media. Get an app such as Plume and read/forward posts to your followers during the marginal times of life. Although focused on promotion, this concept is a total opposite of the physical interactions and “elevator pitch” suggested in the second paragraph.

Which of these is the most effective? That would depend on your own personality and comfort level. As an introvert, I would be more comfortable and productive focusing on my electronic device and tweeting/retweeting, liking/favoriting, etc. Others, who fit into the extrovert personality, are more likely to feel comfortable interacting with others around them. Since both of these approaches are truly centered around promotion, one can be just as effective as the other.

By interacting with those around you, a new client can be discovered who has not yet heard of the excellent services that you offer. Along those same lines, a client with just as much budget can discover you post on Twitter or LinkedIn and begin a truly beneficial interaction because of your social promotion efforts.

Either of these approaches can produce revenue for your business. That is why you should make an attempt to exercise both, depending on the specific circumstances.

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