Business Web Site Redesign in Eight Hours, Using WordPress – Part 3

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In our adventure of redesigning a business web site we have registered the domain, created the site, added plugins and pages. So far, we have a nice looking web site. We will make it better, though, by adding many standard web site features to help others find our site and utilize it in an efficient manner.

Return to the dashboard and click Settings. Let’s set up some of the options shown below.

wordpress settingsNotice that we have set a site title along with a catchy tagline, The URLs should be set up by our initial WordPress setup routine, although we can change it here. The email address is important to be able to receive communications generated by our site. Depending on your preferences, you may want to change the default “anyone can register” and user default role. Let’s move to the writing options.

wordpress writing optionsIn this screen shot we see the default settings for writing on our site. These are shown mainly to give the options that you have for creating blogs on the site. Rather useful options are the “press this” option and the ability to post via email. How does that work? Excellent question. The users can send an email to a chosen email address, if this option is set up, and that email will be posted as a blog entry. Let’s move on to the reading options.

wordpress reading optionsSince we have added pages to our site, we will be setting this to a static page and select the initial page to be displayed to our web site guests along with the blog page that we will be using. If you want the site to be visible to search engines, be sure to leave the box shown here unchecked. Before checking that box, be sure to heavily consider the effect – your site will be invisible to the search engines if this box is checked. The next option, available because we installed the Jetpack plugin,  is even more important for site visibility – Publicize.

wordpress sharing options

You will use this page of settings to allow posting your blogs to the selected social networks. By using this option, you will be able to type a blog in one time and your site will automatically create entries on your connected social networks for you. This will help in building your “social cred” and will help in the visibility of your communications and web site.

wordpress captcha settingsUtilizing a captcha plugin is an excellent idea to enhance the security of users signing up for your site, logging in and posting blogs/comments. This will also ensure that the “bots” are unable to infect your site with unwanted users, posts and comments.

In the previous articles, part 1 and part 2, we have successfully covered some of the options available to  ensure proper setup and security within your web site. So far, the site is truly functional and quite secure, although we have only given minimal effort to the visibility of our site to search engines and potential visitors. Next we will give a minimal view of search engine optimization through the Yoast SEO plugin. I call this “minimal” because proper SEO can take up many blog entries and many books. By using a plugin, we will be able to better keep up with the regularly changing search provider rules.

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