Rewriting App In WordPress Framework (C# ASP.Net)

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The big question is “Can it be done?” I believe the answer is a solid YES. I created a free app which was hosted on my web site when it was enabled to run ASP.Net Code. This responsive app allows those who want to track their exercise progress along the Appalachian Trail to log mileage and view the current location details along with many pictures along the trek along more than 2,000 miles from GA to ME.

At that time, I had a Windows hosting account with GoDaddy and was hosting my main site at LinkEmUp (dead link). At the time of writing this blog, I was getting everything switched over to the domain hosting at NCWebDesignProgramming and you are now reading this at my new, permanent, web home writeandcreate. This is a Linux hosted site and, of course, it does not support ASP.Net.

I can move the back-end MySQL database between accounts with no problem, but moving the existing site is a problem. I will be rewriting the add and view functionality using custom WordPress forms and PHP code. From looking at MakeUseof, Tutsplus and WPToy, I am quite confident of the ability to accomplish this. As things are progressing, keep up with this blog and follow along.

Part 2

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