Small Business Web Site Redesign and WordPress Customization

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We are now advertising a new offering at Link Em Up. If your small business is in need of web site redesign or design of a brand new site, take a look at our new page. In addition to complete web site redesign and customization, we offer support for those who want to do all or some of the work in-house.

As you will notice on this web page, we have an offering for those web site DIY types – “Using WordPress 4 Business Website Redesign and Customization.” This will provide excellent guides on WordPress page layout, plugins, search engine optimization and many other bells and whistles.

This Ebook will go into the depth of designing custom web pages and processing for your WordPress site using PHP. You will be introduced to creating an exercise program which tracks progress along the Appalachian Trail. If you want to type in the code yourself, it is included. If the desire is to download and implement existing code, that will also be an option.

An additional bonus is a custom desktop application designed to work with the MarketPress Lite. It is designed using Visual Studio 2010 and the CSharp language. You can type in or download the code for this application. From a functionality standpoint, you can use it as-is or tweak the code and functionality to meet your own needs.

We look forward to assisting your small business in any way to help in the growth of your revenue and adding dollars to your bottom line.

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