WordPress Social Login, a plugin to enhance user experience

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allonesocialloginDo you have a WordPress site and would like to enhance your user experience? Have you gotten frustrated with having to register and type the password every time you log into a web site?

There is a plugin for WordPress sites called “OneAll Social Login.” This allows users of your web site to log in with many different social networks. Integration of this single-click, easy login will greatly enhance the user experience and increase the efficiency with which they can access your site.

Yes, you will need an account with the OneAll site, but there is no charge for their basic service. You will also need to set up the APIs for many of the social accounts that will be allowing the simplified login process. Once again, there is no charge for setting these up.

If you have experienced frustration signing up for web sites, you should appreciate the opportunity to enhance your own site and save your users from the same frustration. Install OneAll Social Login and sleep easier at night due to less frustration in your life. In order to see this functionality in action, log in to the blog site where this originated.

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